Sharon Dinur MA., RCC

I am a professional counsellor with a passion for assisting people during times of life transitions, anxiety and grief.

Mental health is part and parcel of overall health. It is not unusual for people to favour the body over the mind. I support clients in closing that gap. When one experiences emotional pain, feelings of helplessness and failure inevitably crop up. The negative thinking and ruminating commonly accompanying these draining emotions are, in truth, bad habits. Our mind tricks us into thinking we can’t succeed. I can help clients challenge those thoughts, shift ingrained responses to failure and increase your overall psychological health and well-being.

As a mother of two adult children, and a wife of 28 years, I am familiar with the ebbs and flows of relationships with ourselves and others. I specialize in the following areas because I believe examining and understanding our own potentially limiting narrative allows all of us to more effectively open to new possibilities, giving us renewed energy, inner-strength and a sense of empowerment.

My background incorporates therapies that are evidenced-based, effective vehicles for change such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Brainspotting, EMDR, and Mindfulness-based practices. I use these various styles of therapy to tailor sessions to meet my client’s specific needs and goals.

Before completing my Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology, I spent seventeen years teaching English to adult refugees, immigrants and international newcomers to Canada.  Flexibility, strong communication skills and bridge-building are notable assets to a client-centred environment. To counselling, I bring a deep respect for diversity, including the LGBTQ+ community. To me, this is a key component to establishing a trust-based therapeutic alliance.

Feel free to reach out. I look forward to creating forward momentum with you.