Testimonials – Anxiety & Stress Relief Program

“This is absolutely the best workshop if you’re tired, afraid, worried most of the time and think that you could feel this way for a long time without some kind of miracle.  This was a miracle for me. It gave me so much useful and practical information that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.  It gave me hope and what’s even better is that it gave me the confidence to know I can do it.  Thank you Claire!” T.S.

“I called Claire at a point in my life when I was experiencing the deepest despair and highest anxiety I had ever felt.  Her words gave me the first hope I had felt in a long time and she suggested the course.  At the beginning of the course I came in skeptical and pessimistic but after the second class I was beginning to see the light again and feel myself begin to change and started implementing the course tools into my life.  At the end of the course I feel that the puzzle pieces of anxiety and depression have been put together for me.  I now feel empowered and hopeful for the future and feel better equipped to manage my emotions.  I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone who has or does experience anxiety and depression.  I am so grateful I found Claire and this class.”  S.S.

“Ever since I was age 12 I was taught not to share my feelings.  I turned to addiction to numb out my bad feelings.  I did not realize that I was also numbing my good feelings.  This program has provided me with the tools to feel my feelings and not judge them.”

“I started the course unaware of how frightened I was of my feelings. For years I’ve been trying to deny, suppress and numb how I really felt.  I’m now learning to turn towards the feelings, to embrace them, to understand that I’m not responsible FOR the feelings but TO the feelings.  It makes me feel more nurturing and whole.  Thank you.”

“This program is FULL of excellent tools presented by an experienced professional.”

“I have had anxiety for several years and have always been afraid of admitting it.  I signed up for this class not knowing what to expect.  This class has truly changed my life and the way I not only see life but myself.  I am overwhelmed with excitement for the future and being able to take control of my life.” K.P.

“This is the eye opener and wake-up call that will change your life.”

“Thank you.  I feel like I’ve just started the most important journey of my life.” S.T.

About the presenter….

“Claire is an excellent, intelligent and honest presenter.  She is well organized, presents in a clear way with many examples, anecdotes and clear visuals.”

“I love Claire’s no-nonsense, to the point analogies and metaphors.”

“Claire is an extremely empathetic presenter, gentle and full of passion in what she does.”

“Claire communicates genuine warmth.”

“Claire in an engaging presenter.  She exudes empathy.  She is honest about what it will take for everyone to help themselves.”

“Claire is spot on, pulls no punches and full of empathy as she presents the truth.”

“Claire is an absolute great speaker and shares tons of great stories that relate to our daily lives and experiences.”

“Claire has the ability to capture your attention.  She kept me engaged for 2 ½ hours every week!”

“Claire is a fantastic presenter.  She is personable, sincere, genuine and caring.”

“Claire has a very calming, soothing and validating style.  She is very pleasant and candid.”

“Claire walks the walk.  She is professional, wise, sensitive, empathetic, compassionate.”

“Claire was amazing.  She is kind and empathetic, wise, friendly, passionate about the topic.  She is easy going and full of humour.”

“Claire’s energy, positivity – her belief and hope are inspiring.”

“Claire has the powerful way to get you in touch with your inner self.  Gentle, yet powerful.  She shows you the key and walks you through the darkness with insights and words filled with love.  Thank you so much Claire.”

The class exceeded my expectations. Claire covered relevant and valuable material to help manage stresses and anxieties. The class has provided me with tools to help me connect with myself. I now understand myself more than I ever did and that has made me a more confident person. I am beginning to become aware of how I am wired.” N.V.

“Unfortunately I was unable to say thank you in person at the conclusion of Wednesday nights final class, as I had to leave fairly quickly and their were several people waiting to express their thanks to you for the tools and support that you have provided to us over the past eight weeks. The shear amount of people and emotions that came forward immediately after the class is a testament to the value and gratitude that our group has for you and the program.  I found the program not only welcoming through the acceptance of individuals but also reassuring through the content and format of the weekly classes. The one reoccurring theme that I observed immediately was how integrative the concepts being presented are into any belief system and that Skyelar and yourself “practice what you preach”.     It was also very reassuring to see that I was not alone in the beliefs and thoughts that I have in regards to health and well-being as well that I was not alone in what I was experiencing with regards to my anxiety. I really appreciate the fact that you have taken the time to filter through the overwhelming amount of information about anxiety and present it in this course format. This course truly is beneficial to not only the people who attend but to those people the attendees chose to share the knowledge with.  Once again you have my deepest appreciation and gratitude for the tools and knowledge that you have provided me with and creating a place for me to begin to explore them.  All the best!”  T.C.

“An excellent class to establish a personal foundation of skills and knowledge in dealing with stress and anxiety. This course should be a prerequisite for anyone wanting to work one-on-one with a counsellor to heal.”  D.H.

“A great workshop to help discover your way through anxiety and stress. Claire showed us how to overcome the disguised ‘gift’ of anxiety and taught us to be ok with it rather than run away from it. Claire’s insight and experience has definitely opened my eyes to exploring more about myself and I’m confident I now have the tools that will allow me to find joy in my own life journey. Thanks Claire for your inspiration and your natural gift to help people.” S.A.

“I wish I had known all of this when I was experiencing my depression and anxiety. This has been the best information I have come across on these subjects. I have found that the techniques taught work very well.” D.C

“I had been on a winding road to find my way to “manage” or “deal with” my anxiety with little hope to continue without medication.  Now, thanks to Claire, I am thankful for my anxiety as I have learned what it means and what I need to listen to inside of me.  And now I am well on my way on my journey to health and recovery and starting to find myself again and love myself again. ”  J.D.

“The information Claire presents is thoughtful and organized.  Great materials.  Great content that serves as a guide for life!”

“I now feel more confident, empowered, less judgmental of myself, more positive about my future and much less afraid of my feelings” T.S.

“I am able to help myself fall asleep more quickly and get back to sleep if I wake. I feel more in control of my body.”  K.G.

“Claire’s presentation was wonderful. She has a way of making you relax and feel comfortable with the rest of the group and helps you understand what she is teaching you. I would and have recommended the Anxiety and Stress Relief Class to several people. I know what I have learned from this class will help me and I have learned a lot about myself and why I have the problems I do.” D.W.

“I found this class to be enormously valuable. It gave me great insight into why I feel the way I do and that I have the power to ease my discomfort with simple everyday practices. The environment of the class was warm, welcoming and nurturing. There was no pressure or expectations, which made me feel at ease.” K.W.

“Excellent program.  I learned a lot about myself and the take on the cause of anxiety and depression is interesting.  It’s never been presented like that to me before from previous counsellors and I think this way of thinking is more concrete and gives me hope that I can get better, that there is a solution.”

Try this program it works! This program for the first time has made me feel like I will be able to figure my anxious side out, accept her and give her what she needs…to be acknowledged and supported.” F.G.

“I would like to recommend this class to anyone struggling with anxiety issues. It was hugely informative and the information was presented in a straightforward and accessible manner. It was a very supportive environment and I’ll miss the weekly interactions with Claire and the other participants.” A.M.

“I was familiar with a number of the ideas but the course was a terrific distillation of many ideas, theories, practices, exercises and Claire pull it altogether in a down to earth, realistic way.  A student feel like “ahah, yes I know that situation and yes, I can change”.”

“I feel like I had previously learned bits of all of the different week’s information but I didn’t know how to put it altogether.  I felt like all the pieces of the puzzle were put together in my mind.”

“I really enjoyed this program. It has subtly changed my life in many very positive ways. I think the greatest benefit of the program is how I will parent my daughter from now on. Claire is a great speaker, very natural, spontaneous and comfortable. I was completely impressed.” C.R.

“I would highly recommend this class for anyone that is looking for more effective ways to deal with the stress or anxiety that they may be trying to overcome, be it work-related or otherwise.” D.B.

“It’s a full 8 weeks.  Be prepared for personal changes” E.V.R.

“Great course. Inspired me to continue this journey of self discovery, turning inward.” A.M.D.

“This is a course that brought out the best in me.

“The presentation is so well but together that it is easy to be fully engage.  I enjoyed Claire’s ability to present to us with great clarity, grace and humour the tools that are needed to embrace all that is us. ” CM

“I just wanted to let you know that your class was incredibly helpful and I feel that my level of anxiety has significantly diminished since taking your class. Thank you so much for jump starting me on my path, I am truly grateful” A.P.

“Claire is awesome! Very clear. Easy to understand and has a great deal of patience when explaining things.  I have had anxiety my whole life.  It was debilitating. I have learned more here in 8 weeks than 20 years of many doctors”. S.G.

“The breathing and meditation have been fantastic. The knowledge of what we can and cannot change has been invaluable.” L.S.

“Over the last 8 weeks I have begun to look inside myself for the first time in years. I have come to see how breathing is the link between one’s restless mind and the body. Understanding and nurturing this connection has brought a profound sense of peace and calm in to my life.” N.Z.

“I learned that I can empower myself to deal with my emotions.” J.H.

“This course should be mandatory in our early education system” E.D.

“Claire, you are a very gifted teacher/facilitator.” S.K.

“The presenter did an extraordinary job in welcoming everybody and is very knowledgeable and approachable”. B.R.

“I am more at peace and I am learning to find inner peace. Thank you.” M.P.

“The course is an investment you can’t afford to pass up.” J.B.

“This course was exactly what I needed.  The content was extremely useful and the tools helped me understand both the source of my anxiety and how to heal relieve it.  I also had fun!  8 weeks flew by.” B.R.

“This program was exactly what I needed.  I had been searching for so long.  I cannot thank you enough from the bottom of my heart.” M.D.

“The program really is so much more than an anxiety and stress course.  It is a program for all.  It is presented in a way that is open for all people to develop a mindful, kind, living soul” C.M.

“This is a great introduction for people like myself who knew nothing about breathing skills and meditation skills.” P.W.

“These are basic and essential skills that anyone can learn that actually do help you feel better and feel relief from anxiety.” M.S.

“I am so grateful for this course. It has given me skills that are easy to use and the knowledge to not fear my anxiety. I feel like myself again.” L.F.

“Although I’ve used breathing for stress relief for years, only now do I understand the connection between thought and breath. All of a sudden breathing is much more powerful. Thank you Claire.” J.D.