Clients Personal Testimonies on How Direct Neurofeedback has Helped Them.

A Personal Crisis and Anxiety – Adriana overcame her dramatic reactivity and resolved her lifelong anxiety.  All of this helped her come through a personal life crisis.

Addiction and Anxiety – a testimonial. Overcoming the underlying anxiety that had resulted in an addiction.

Panic to Peace – a testimonial. Overcoming severe panic attacks that kept her from going out and living life fully.

Anger and Sleep – a testimonial.  Shutting off the racing thoughts before sleep and decreasing his anger and reactivity.

General Anxiety – a testimonial.  Managing a hectic lifestyle – school, work and life. 

When did you notice a change? – a testimonial. Decreasing his emotional reactivity to triggering events.

Postpartum Anxiety  and Stress – a testimonial. Direct Neurofeedback effectively and quickly shifts negative emotions a client had after having her first child.

Post Concussion Syndrome – a testimonial. Overcoming concussion symptoms of dizziness, irritability and lack of focus.