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Anxiety and Stress Relief

Have you had enough of anxiety, stress and panic?

Do you want to feel in control of your feelings and stop the symptoms of anxiety?

The counsellors at the Alpine Anxiety and Stress Relief Clinic have helped people in Vancouver live anxiety and stress free lives for over 20 years.

People with anxiety suffer silently with relentless negative, catastrophic and critical thoughts.

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Although on the outside they appear to handle life, inside they often live with a constant knot in their stomach, and a feeling that who they are or what they do is never “good enough”.

“I used to constantly worry about whether or not I did or said the right thing. I couldn’t shut off the negative voices in my mind. Thanks to anxiety counselling with Claire, I am beginning to feel a sense of peace and calmness inside.”     -C.R., Burnaby

If you found this therapy website seeking relief from stress, panic, anxiety, or depression you’re likely looking for solutions that will change your life… and you… forever.

If this sounds like something you want, read on to find out how our counsellors and therapists treat the symptoms of anxiety, stress and panic.

If you suffer from anxiety or panic you might:

  • Have racing thoughts of worry. You worry you might get sick, you might embarrass yourself in front of others, lose a loved one or that something bad will happen.
  • Feel anxious and panicky upon awakening even in the morning.
  • Feel a sense of inadequacy in spite of all your accomplishments.
  • Feel constant pressure and expectations to perform, be perfect, never make a mistake and needing to do things right.
  • Feel keyed up, on edge, irritable and unable to wind down, even on holidays.
  • Always feel like you are in a rush and never have enough time to sit back and enjoy your accomplishments or the people around you.
  • Have difficulty with sleep, either falling asleep or staying asleep.

If you suffer with symptoms of anxiety you will likely find that relaxing makes you nervous. When life gets easy, you may feel uneasy.

You are not alone!

Did you know?

  • Anxiety is the most common mental health issue among Canadian women, surpassing even depression. In men it is second only to alcohol and drug abuse.
  • In Canada, 1 in 4 people will suffer from an anxiety disorder at some point during their life. That means that in a workplace or social environment with 40 people, 10 people will be suffering with one type of anxiety disorder or another. At a hockey game, that’s 4,500 fans!
  • Mental health issues, including anxiety, stress and depression rank first in terms of causing disability in Canada as well as the United States according to the World Health Organization.

There are several different types of anxiety and related disorders that our counsellors can provide treatment for, including:

  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Social anxiety, stress
  • Depression
  • Panic disorder
  • Post traumatic stress
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Dental anxiety
  • Relationship stress and anxiety

“After seeing so many doctors and specialists, I finally came to see Claire Maisonneuve and she was the first one who properly diagnosed me and was able to help me get over my panic attacks and symptoms of post traumatic stress.”      -L.D., Vancouver

One thing is for sure Anxiety is treatable!

Anxiety and stress reliefAn anxiety disorder is not a character flaw or a weakness.

More importantly, feeling anxious is not your fault.

Anxiety, like depression, is less about a chemical imbalance than about how you manage your feelings and your thoughts.

“Ever since I can remember I have felt guilty and have second guessed everything I say or do. I never felt like I had the right to speak up because growing up in my family children were to be seen and not heard. As a result of counselling for my anxiety, for the first time in my life, I’m beginning to trust myself and have more confidence in my judgments. I am also starting to set boundaries with those I love without feeling bad about myself.” Betty M. Vancouver

At the Anxiety and Stress Relief Clinic, we can help:

For 20 years, the Alpine Anxiety and Stress Relief Clinic has focused on treating anxiety, stress and depression.

We have established an excellent reputation amongst doctors, lawyers, priests and satisfied consumers.

Our unique, drug free approach for treating anxiety, stress and depression combines the latest, most advanced and proven psychological methods endorsed by doctors and Psychiatrists.

We will show you practical strategies you can apply immediately.

“I have suffered from anxiety for most of the sixty plus years of my life. After reviewing several agencies, and in a very anxious state, I called the Alpine Anxiety and Stress Relief Clinic. As soon as Melissa, the receptionist, answered the phone and began to talk to me, I felt very sure that I had found the environment that I was looking for. Melissa’s kind and gentle manner, and her caring and reassuring comments, had an immediate calming effect on me and provided me with the encouragement I needed to follow though and make an appointment. Shortly after that conversation, I was contacted by Claire Maisonneuve, the Director of the clinic, who, with discretion and kindness, discussed my personal circumstances with me and assured me that she would assign me to a therapist who was the ‘best fit’ for my age and my personal circumstances. ………

Another very helpful benefit of my Alpine experiences is the regular newsletter that Claire writes and distributes which addresses many different aspects of stress and anxiety and provides very helpful guidance, coping mechanisms, and support. I look forward to these newsletters and I always find some helpful and useful information in them, regardless of the topic.

My decision to choose Alpine was probably the important decision that I have ever made in my life and I will always consider Skyelar one of the most influential people in my life. I am so blessed to have this relationship and am so grateful for all that the clinic and the professionals who work there have, and continue to do, to help me make the best of each day.”  G.W. Vancouver

Our counselors are mature, experienced and easy to talk to. We have assisted thousands of people in healing their symptoms of anxiety:

Let us help you:

  • take control of your feelings
  • shut off the endless racing thoughts and feel calm
  • be completely free from panic attacks
  • eliminate negative thinking
  • help you focus and concentrate
  • ask for what you want without feeling guilty
  • live with confidence in yourself and your decisions
  • sleep well

Our short term counseling for anxiety, stress, panic and depression provides long term results, because our therapy approaches help you to quickly and easily access a sense of well being within.

We understand that well-being and peace of mind is something that already exists within you. You can’t buy it, but you can discover how to cultivate it!

By developing and strengthening what’s right in you, what works and what is healthy you will have more confidence and trust in yourself and enjoy increased control of your life.

You have within you the resources and potential to heal and be free from these difficulties. Our role as counsellors is to help stimulate this capacity in you.

“…I now have the power to ease my discomfort with simple everyday practices.” K.W. Vancouver

If your anxiety and stress is interfering with your everyday functioning, and if you are sick and tired of suffering then it’s time to take action now.

The Alpine Anxiety and Stress Relief Clinic is located in Vancouver, BC. Our team of experienced counsellors and therapists utilize proven and well researched methods to provide relief from the symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression and panic.