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Claire Maisonneuve MA RCC
Director, Alpine Counselling Clinic

For over 30 years I have explored and implemented different approaches and strategies with my clients. My approach to therapy is holistic in that I address your issues from all aspects of your being, including your mind, body, emotions and spirit. I draw on years of work with advanced techniques of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, training in body centered therapies and on Psycho-spiritual principles. My methods are scientifically validated and evidenced based.

Dubin neurofeedback

Dr. David Dubin MD
Medical Advisor – Neurofeedback, Alpine Counselling Clinic

Dr. David Dubin graduated from The University of Medicine and Dentistry in New Jersey and then completed a residency in Emergency Medicine. He subsequently worked as an Associate Clinical Professor of Outpatient Medicine at Boston University.

Disenchanted with treating patients primarily with medication, Dr. David Dubin started treating patients with Neurofeedback and saw rapid, meaningful and often dramatic results. Equally remarkable, he found these changes to be enduring.

He founded The Dubin Clinic for Direct Neurofeedback in Los Angeles where he provides Direct Neurofeedback & LENS Neurofeedback to adults, adolescents, and children.

Dr. David Dubin provides medical advice and consulting to the Alpine Counselling Clinic to ensure everyone undergoing Direct Neurofeedback & LENS receives the highest level of care.

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Our Counselling Team

Dr. Avrum Miller
Registered Psychologist, #1148

In addition to individual and relationship counselling, I also provide critical incidents stress debriefings to various groups. I am a certified Employee Assistance Practitioner and offer consultation services and workshops upon request.


Carmen Everall

English & French

With over 20 years of experience in Body-Mind Therapy I am successful at helping clients unravel mental and emotional layers to identify root causes of problems and develop strong coping skills by working with methodical and evidence-based approaches. Together we will create a customized action plan that may include but not limited to goal setting, breathwork, meditation, Chi Kung, and journaling by examining feelings, thoughts, and behaviours.

I offer a unique style of therapy that is customized to each clients’ holistic needs. The whole person is considered – body, emotions, mind, and spirit for optimal health and wellness.

Counselling offered in English or French.

Tara Read 
M.Ed., RCC

My greatest passion is assisting individuals to remember and reclaim who they truly are – their unique strengths, knowledge, abilities, potential, and purpose in this life. In fact, it is my mission. I serve as a catalyst or activator to help “wake you up” and disrupt the false beliefs that have held you back.

You may be feeling stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed, exhausted, and perhaps even a little hopeless. Life may feel endlessly centered around suffering or like a daily exercise in the art of survival. Deep within however, you know there is much more for you. Do not be discouraged! As someone who has walked this path, I am well equipped to show you how to navigate it.

Julia Meissenheimer
CCC, AAMFT Certified

Hi, I’m Julia, Welcome! Thank you for reaching out. 

I have a worldview lens given my 18 years of experience while practicing in South Africa, USA, and Canada including Haida Gwaii, Prince Rupert, Smithers and Houston.

I believe in the importance of a safe place where you can feel heard, and respected.  I view healing as a journey of returning or coming to a state where one feels safe, integrated and connected to their inner and outer world. 

I am a Certified Clinical Counsellor (CCC#9429) with a Master of Science Degree in Counselling Psychology and Certified in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Maryam Abdipour

English & Farsi

I have specialized training in working with youth, teens and young adults using unique techniques that help draw out the expressive nature, strength and confidence in people.  I guide young people and help them flourish and prosper as they transition into the next phase of their life.

I have a special gift for establishing rapport and inspiring confidence in my clients.

Lola Rozan RTC

English and French

Sometimes, life can feel very heavy, and I believe that being hard on ourselves is the first thing we tend to do, while it might be the last thing we actually need. Is there uncertainty in the direction of your life? Do you feel stressed and anxious?

Learning to be kind and compassionate towards yourself is where everything begins. This is key to the process, because facing and sitting with the pain is inevitable to rebuild what is broken.

Meghan Kennedy MA., RSW

Sometimes strong feelings and emotions can be difficult and overwhelming to deal with. It can be even more difficult to open up to someone about your experiences and take the first step towards healing. In my practice, I hold a space for you where you can feel safe to share your feelings without judgement and with compassion and kindness.  My approach is strengths based and goal orientated and is guided by modalities and principles including:

  • CBT
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy
  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Harm Reduction
  • Mindfulness.

Lori Sangha
RSW., Master of Counselling, CCC

I believe that solutions for life’s struggles can be discovered through a respectful, collaborative process in counselling. I offer a safe, caring and holistic approach, helping you to discover and build upon untapped inner strengths and resources so you can move towards resolution, healing and success.


Sindy Taylor

Conversational Punjabi

I am a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor and certified Body Mind Therapist; I am also a certified Reiki Master and Chi-Kung Practitioner.

I work with adults experiencing a variety of issues including anxiety, depression, family conflict, peer relationship problems, personal transformation, self-esteem issues, spiritual emergencies, stress, and trauma. Sessions are conducted in a safe and judgment free environment. We begin by identifying your healing objectives following which we create an individualized, and straightforward plan to empower you to realize your goals.

Isabelle St-Jean

English & French

As a therapist with over 20 years experience I have an uncommon ability to identify and mirror back the inner gifts of my clients while supporting them to clearly see and transcend their limitations. My counselling and coaching style includes unique, transformative exercises leading to expansive ways of thinking and being, that bring exciting possibilities within reach.  I gently support and challenge my clients to be accountable as they take steps to successfully navigate difficult mental states, relationship issues, and major life transitions.

Leila Milani

English & Farsi

I support you to take a compassionate and curious look at your inner world of thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations, and memories. I teach you tools to loosen the grip of old narratives, unhelpful thought patterns and negative self-beliefs.

Dr. Nisha Sangwan RCC

English, Hindi and Gurjarati

My passion and focus has always been working with kids, youth and families. I excel at developing innovative and comprehensive treatment plans to improve the lives of families. I have a unique ability to connect with teens and youth, and I love helping parents help their teens and kids.

Mental health issues, especially traumatic experiences and major life stressors can significantly impact our daily lives, and make us feel disconnected from ourselves, our loved ones, and other important aspects of our life. I believe that building such connections is the key to healing. Hence, my work focuses on helping my clients build healthier perceptions of themselves and strengthen their relationships.

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Yegi Nasseri
MA. Clinical Psych, RCC.

English & Farsi

It takes courage to reach out to someone, share personal stories and feel unsure about the counselling process. My own life experiences and previous counselling practices have enabled me to interact and assist individuals and families on issues ranging from trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety and anger management to interpersonal relationship difficulties and substance abuse.

Shawn Hannay

My work is informed by the idea that all problems are about relationships. When these relationships are working, we feel a genuine sense of wellness but when any one of these relationships are fractured in some way, our sense of well being is threatened and we will begin to see symptoms physically, emotionally, and/or in our relationships.

Lisa Stefani

I work with the idea that all behavior has purpose and meaning. My intention is to create a warm and encouraging environment that provides people with genuine opportunities for reflection, insight, and positive change.

Sharon Dinur 

I welcome everyone seeking support with:

  • Grief and Loss
  • Stress and Anxiety and related Anxiety Disorders
  • Dysfunctional or Conflicted Relationships
  • Parenting Discord
  • Burnout and Depression
  • Boundaries and Communication
  • Mid-life Challenges and Transitions
  • Personal Growth

Jennifer Scott

Helping people transform life’s challenges into opportunities for change, growth, and connection has been my passion and focus for more than 20 years in my work as a social worker, counsellor, and psychotherapist.

Skyelar Napier

In my practice, I work collaboratively with clients in defining problems and developing solutions. My purpose is to help you gain a clearer understanding of what is true and necessary for you while providing guidance and support in working toward change.

Karen Benbassat Ali

I work on a variety of issues, from relationship challenges and conflicts to anxiety and depression, that can stem from trauma and early attachment issues. I welcome the opportunity to work with you, inviting you into a safe space to more deeply examine the areas of your life that feel difficult, misunderstood, and challenging to speak about.

Valuing empathy, openness, humour, and warmth, my approach to counselling is collaborative in creating a plan designed to meet your goals.

Sessions are conducted in a safe and judgment free environment.

Geoff Lyon
M. Ed., RCC

Counselling can be helpful for several different reason:

  • Identifying and working through emotions, such as grief, depression, rage
  • Calming the whirl of thoughts and clarifying thinking
  • Building richer connections with those around you
  • Moving past constricting beliefs or life patterns
  • Getting support as you make decisions that are congruent with your needs and values

Sara Nahri


ما انتظار نداريم که دردهای جسمی بدون مراقبت های حرفه ای درمان شوند,درد های روح و روان متفاوت نيستند و نياز به مراقبت های حرفه ای دارند.

روان درمانی يک تلاش درمانی مبتنی بر فرهنگ و نيازمند درک عميق ميان درمانگر و مراجع است.به همين دليل ,داشتن زمينه های مشترک زبانی,اجتماعی و تاريخی تاثير زيادی بر بهبود نتيجه ی روان درمانی دارد.

مجموعه ی آلپاين با ساختن پل ارتباطی ميان درمانگرانی چون من و مراجعانی که دارای فرهنگ و زبان مشترک هستند,امکان بهره بردن از روان درمانی را برای مهاجران و فارسی زبانان ساکن کانادا فراهم کرده است.

Maxfield Krauss

I work to create a calm and caring environment while helping to provide you relief from mental and emotional pain.

This includes teaching you tools from approaches such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Brainspotting and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) to help you learn to cope better.

At the same time, I’ll work to examine the root causes of your issues to help guide you through deeper healing through the perspectives of Existential and Jungian therapies.

Julie Burk MSW, RSW
(Not accepting new clients)

I am a registered social worker, and I have spent many years of my career working with high risk youth, individuals with terminal illnesses and families experiencing grief and loss.

My goal is to work collaboratively with you to get to the heart of maladaptive coping skills and learn to strengthen more positive skills that will help you in daily life.

I can assist you with:

  • Grief and Loss
  • Relationship concerns
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Childhood trauma

Nicole Bowlsby MA., RCC
 (Not accepting new clients)

I welcome all clients and have specialized experience working with young adults and teens in both Australia and Canada. I have worked with a diverse range of backgrounds and presentations. No matter if your issues feel big or small.  Some of my areas of special interest are:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Trauma and abuse
  • Self-worth
  • Grief and Loss
  • Relationship issues
  • LGBTIQA+ issues

Jade-Elise Kirk

Jade-Elise is presently away on maternity leave. You deserve to live the life you desire, loving the person you are, with the story that you have. If you find that you are having difficulty identifying how to manage changes in your life, are struggling to cope with symptoms related to anxiety and depression, or are generally discouraged when trying to create the life that you desire, it may be a sign that you are in need of support.

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Our phones are open 9:00 am – 8:00 pm Monday to Friday, all day Saturday and 10:00 am – 4:00 pm Sunday.

Our Neurofeedback Team

Laura Cumminger, Certified Coach 
Director Neurofeedback

Laura is trained in all aspects of Direct Neurofeedback and has a B.A. in Psychology. She and Claire Maisonneuve head up the Direct Neurofeedback side of the practice. Laura will be your first point of contact when you call for Neurofeedback. Her expertise and experience coupled with a calm demeanor will make you feel comfortable in a matter of minutes. Laura has a warm interactive personality that makes a session go quickly and effortlessly. You couldn’t be in better hands.

Dana Lockheart 
Assistant Director Neurofeedback

Dana is a well rounded holistic and energetic consultant with a unique ability to connect with people. Her seasoned skills coupled with a caring presence and calm demeanour make her a clear listener and an excellent practitioner. Dana’s welcoming spirit and strong intuitive capabilities will assist and support you as you make powerful and positive changes on your journey of healing and personal growth. You are assured of receiving the best treatment for your needs.

Cara Reynolds 
SSP Coach & Neurofeedback Technician

Cara’s love for people make her perfect to help you through your process. She is warm, caring and a star at neurofeedback. Her expertise and experience coupled with a calm demeanor will make you feel comfortable right away. Cara’s air of lightness always helps to smooth out the bumps when you’re carrying a heavy load. You couldn’t be in better hands.

Claudia Freese
Neurofeedback Technician

Christina Di Cesare
Neurofeedback Technician

Claire Siqueira
Neurofeedback Technician

Eryn Phillips
Neurofeedback Technician

Direct Neurofeedback

Holly Branigan
Neurofeedback Technician

Francesca Chiam
Neurofeedback Technician

Amanda Gresko
Neurofeedback Technician

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Our Admin Team

Alyssa Jones 
Office Manager

Britney Hurn
Executive Assistant

Michaela Chan

Odeya Yeoman

Mariama Ndiaye

Aleah Keeling

Natasha Elliott

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