Counselling and Direct Neurofeedback Fees

We Are Covered By:

– Most Extended Health Benefits –

– ICBC –

– First Nations Health Authority –

– Crime Victim Assistance Program –

Individual Therapy (50Mins)

$150 per session

Individual Therapy (80Mins)

$225 per session

Mental Health
At Home Counselling
Anxiety Treatment
Depression Treatment
Anger Treatment
Panic Attack Treatment

Couples Therapy (50Mins)

$175 per session

Couples Therapy (80Mins)

$255 per session

Neurofeedback (30 Mins)

$135 per session

Tamara Bell – TV host doing Neurofeedback

NEUROFEEDBACK learn more….

Direct Neurofeedback Calms the Mind

Feeling Overwhelmed // Fear // Anxiety // Depression // Constant Tension // Inability to Relax // General and Social Anxiety // Panic Attacks // Brian Fog // Constant Worry // Difficulty Concentrating

We have Psychologists, Registered Social Workers (RSW) and Registered Clinical Counsellors (RCC) to serve you.

We provide both Counselling and Direct Neurofeedback

Please note that psychologists rates are higher.

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