Teen/Young Adult Counselling

Being a teenager isn’t easy. From peer pressure to academics, competing teenage priorities can be tough to manage. And with the explosive growth in social media and other challenges, teenage life keeps getting more complex.

If you’re a teenager, you’ll likely understand what we mean. But if you’re the parent of a teenager, it’s important to be aware of what’s going on with your child, and the possibility they could need support, at least once in a while.

The teenage years are full of highs and lows, and most of this is perfectly normal. But for some, the teenage years can include challenges with depression, eating disorders and addictions. If left untreated, these conditions could affect a teenager for the rest of their life. These difficulties should never be ignored.

Key Issues for Teens can include:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Social Isolation

  • Suicidal Thoughts

  • Eating disorders & Body Image

  • Substance Abuse (illegal and prescription drugs)

  • Bullying

  • Suicidal thoughts or actions

  • Death of a parent or loved one

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

  • Divorce of a parent or re-marriage

  • Sexual assault or abuse

  • Sexual Identity, orientation and homophobia

Signs a teen may need support:

Emotional Changes:

  • Feelings of sadness, which can include crying for no apparent reason

  • Irritability, frustration or feelings of anger

  • Loss of interest in normal activities

  • Feeling overwhelmed with life

  • Conflict with family and friends

  • Feelings of worthlessness, guilt, fixation on past failures

  • Exaggerated self-blame or self-criticism

  • Extreme sensitivity to rejection or failure, and the need for excessive reassurance

  • Trouble thinking, concentrating, making decisions and remembering things

  • Feeling hopeless about the future

  • Frequent thoughts of death, dying or suicide

  • Inability to keep up with the requirements of school

Changes in Behaviour:

    • Tiredness and loss of energy

    • Insomnia or sleeping too much

    • Changes in appetite

    • Weight gain or weight loss

    • Abuse of alcohol or drugs

    • Agitation or restlessness — for example, pacing or an inability to sit still

    • Slowed thinking, speaking or body movements

    • Frequent complaints of body aches and headaches

    • Poor school performance or frequent absences from school

    • Neglected appearance — such as mismatched clothes and unkempt hair

    • Disruptive or risky behaviour

    • Self-harm, such as cutting, burning, or excessive piercing or tattooing

An Alternative to Counselling?

Direct Neurofeedback – it’s NO Talk Therapy

Fast Acting! An Excellent Start!

  • – It’s very effective at helping teens and children with, anxiety, stress, depression and ADHD.

  • – It is non-invasive, drug-free, painless and completely safe.

  • – It acts on the Nervous System calming strong emotions.

  • – Results are exceptional and can be experienced from the first session.

  • – Direct Neurofeedback allows the body to relax and the mind to reset.

 We are here to help – Teens/Young Adults and Parents: Our team of experienced, caring, and highly skilled professionals specializes in providing effective, evidence-based assessment and therapy for teens, young adults, and families.

We can help parents make sense of teenage behaviours and help strengthen the parent-teen relationship. We also have expertise working with educators to maximize learning and positive development.

For Teens/Young Adults: If you’re feeling overwhelmed with life, we can help you cope. The first thing to realize is that you is not alone. If you look around your school, it’s likely there are many other teens with their own problems, although you could never tell! Just like they probably can’t tell you are struggling. You also don’t need to feel embarrassed – there’s nothing “wrong” with you.

By working together, we’ll examine the issues affecting your life. From there, we’ll develop a plan and strategies to help you feel more confident and secure about you ability to cope. Though it might feel impossible, life does get better. We can help show you the way.

For parents: If you feel unsure about how to support your child, we can help you do it. It’s important that you don’t fall into the cycle of self-blame yourself.

After you contact our office, we’ll examine the issues at hand, and figure out a plan to help you support and/or reconnect with your child. Whether it’s giving you the tools to help them directly, or inviting your child into counselling, we’ll figure out the best way to help.Please contact us to get started.

A Member of Our Team

Maryam Abdipour

I have specialized training in working with youth, teens and young adults using unique techniques that help draw out the expressive nature, strength and confidence in people.  I guide young people and help them flourish and prosper as they transition into the next phase of their life.

I have a special gift for establishing rapport and inspiring confidence in my clients.

The Next Step is Yours – Take It!

A Personal Letter To YOU,

It takes courage to initiate a change in your life – especially one that has been weighing you down for a long time. Sometimes the consequences of change seem insurmountable and yet the thought of continuing to live everyday unchanged is impossible.

Isn’t it time to finally live with a sense of openness and acceptance?

The expertise we have at the Alpine Counselling Clinic is unsurpassed. The thousands of clients we have helped to make significant changes in their lives over the past 30 years, bears good testament to our professionalism and commitment.

If you are hesitant in any way about taking the next step, call the number below and ask for me personally – so we can talk. 

Claire Maisonneuve, director Alpine Clinic.