Anxiety Symptoms

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Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety symptoms can come up in various ways and for many reasons. Going for a job interview, attending a social engagement where you’re the stranger, or making a presentation at work. These can all be a sources of nervousness.

But anxiety is more chronic and not based on specific scenarios – it stays with you shadowing you through the day. Chronic anxiety could indicate you are experiencing an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety Symptoms

Everyone experiences anxiety differently. And there are different types of anxiety disorders —generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety. Some people can have difficulty with specific phobias.

Despite there being differences between the different types of anxiety, here are some of the most common symptoms:

  • Excessive Worrying

A sense of dread, usually lasting six months or longer.

For people with anxiety, keeping these feelings under control can be challenging, even if they realize that their worries or fears are irrational.

Effective Remedy: Direct Neurofeedback – non-invasive, safe and medication free. And or Counselling

  • Difficulties Sleeping & Restlessness

It is very common for anxiety to keep people awake at night, especially the night before an event that is contributing to the fear and tension.

Sleep is essential for just about every function in the body, including your mental health.

Effective Remedy: Direct Neurofeedback – acts on the nervous system and calms the mind within a few sessions. And or Counselling

  • Fatigue

Even if a person gets enough sleep, they very likely experience fatigue throughout the day, or become easily tired. Anxiety can be emotionally exhausting and can make getting through the day an effort.

When you are tired, your mood can also fluctuate, possibly leading to depression, a condition that is frequently coexists with anxiety disorders.

Effective Remedy: Direct Neurofeedback – resets the nervous system, reenergizes it. And or Counselling

Other Symptoms of Anxiety include:

  • Difficulty Concentrating

  • Tension and Irritability

  • Increased Heart Rate & Palpitations

  • Sweating & Hot Flashes

  • Shortness of Breath and Chest Pains

  • Feelings Of Terror or Impending Doom

How You Can Tackle Anxiety

Anxiety doesn’t have a single cause, but there is a lot common ground between the disorders, so treatment plans can be quite similar between clients, typically including a combination of Counselling and Direct Neurofeedback.

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"I would like to give 10 stars."

"They did a great job for me. My anxiety, negative thoughts, stress are all manageable right now."

"My energy level has increased. My concentration is getting better. I am very happy."

"I highly recommend Claire and her team."

"Thank you Claire you changed my life."

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3 Words to Describe Anxious Behaviour

"Avoidance - Avoidance - Avoidance"

You'll stay away from the things that make you anxious - parties, crowds, public speaking, freeways, bridges, heights, paying bills. Anxious people search for ways out. And that in the long-term shrinks your life and can seriously detract from the quality of life that is rightfully yours.

Counselling and/or Direct Neurofeedback at the Alpine Clinic can offer you the most profound opportunity to make lasting changes in your life that will result in greater peace and happiness.

Anxiety Affects Your Brain & Your Nervous System.

"When you're anxious your body is suddenly flooded with norephinephrine and cortisol. In the short term, these hormones are intended to give you an immediate boost, whether it be in perception, reflexes, or mental acuity. In the long term, when anxiety does not go away, it can exhaust your brain and other bodily functions."

"Prolonged anxiety can physically alter the makeup of your amygdala and hippocampus, which are areas of the brain related to an anxiety or stress response."

"While anxiety treatment medication targets these areas of the brain, they aren’t the only way to reach them - Direct Neurofeedback has proved to be a very effective treatment for not only anxiety but also depression, ADHD and the effects of concussions."      Dr. D. Dubin, Dubin Clinic L.A.

"Why Can't I Get Over My Anxiety Symptoms?"

Because it's NOT All in Your Mind.

It's also in Your Nervous System - it's in Your Body.

To successfully treat Anxiety you MUST attend to your physiology as well as your psychology.

Everyday Stress

How we experience everything that happens to us and the people in our day-to-day life is based on how well our nervous system can respond.

If we are stuck in the Fight or Flight state and feel "ON" and hyper-vigilant a lot of the time.


We are stuck in the Freeze state, where we feel shutdown and overwhelmed then we can't properly process the stimuli around us.

Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety Counselling

At the Alpine Clinic, our Counsellors understand the necessity to consider what happens in your body as well as in your mind.

We provide Counselling that helps address both the way anxiety is trapped in the body and how it affects your mind in order to help you reclaim your sense of self-confidence and well-being.

Many of our clients combine Counselling with Direct Neurofeedback.

Anxiety Symptoms

Direct Neurofeedback for Anxiety

Direct neurofeedback is a brain technology that Calms Your Brain and helps Reset Your Nervous System.

You can think of Counselling as working on your mind, while the Direct Neurofeedback works on your brain.

By sending imperceptible micro-signals, to your brain, Direct Neurofeedback helps to get you out of stuck and frozen patterns of thinking and reacting.

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Tamara Bell - TV Host doing Neurofeedback for Anxiety 3:50 mins

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“I sleep better, I ‘m not feeling depressed, the constant anxiety has gone, my thoughts don’t spiral.”

“After the first session I felt better for almost 24 hours. Then I felt the familiar surge of anxiety come back and slid back into that dark place I’ve been for many years.”

“After each treatment the negative feelings went away, and are now staying away.”

“I’m only 7 sessions in but there is no way I’ll turn back now.”

“The staff is amazing. Positive, helpful, supportive, friendly. And the Neurofeedback is totally worth it. It’s hard to spend money on your own wellness sometimes but this makes everything better.”

“The only other thing that has helped me like this was 2 weeks in the Peruvian jungle on an Ayahuasca retreat. I’d try this first though :)”

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Claire Maisonneuve, director

Looking for someone you can trust?

TESTIMONIAL - Dr. David Dyment MD, CCFP says,   

"As a family physician in Burnaby B.C., I have been referring patients to Claire Maisonneuve for the past 27 years. The feedback I have received has been remarkable. She gets results and I would strongly recommend Ms Maisonneuve for anyone seeking couples or individual therapy."

Over 30 years of helping clients make break-throughs in their lives. 

Anxiety Symptoms

The Number One Issue with Anxiety!

"It can make you believe some crazy stuff. It can make you worry needlessly about things that haven’t happened yet and maybe never will. It can make you think that someone is mad at you when they really aren’t, or that they don’t care about you when they really do. Anxiety often takes you to the worst-case scenario."      Locke Hughes

Three Steps to Break Free from Anxiety

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Take the Next Step

What you need to know is that “anxiety doesn’t just go away” over time.  If you don’t attend to it, it starts creeping up in different areas and over time can make your life shrink!  The cost of anxiety when left untreated will take its toll:

  • On your body:

  • On your relationships:

  • On your family:

  • On your future: ….more

Neurofeedback is a drug free therapeutic approach to overcoming anxiety, stress and other performance inhibiting emotions. It provides immediate results, in fewer and shorter sessions with a greater ease of treatment. It is completely natural, painless, effortless, without any side effects and has lasting benefits for those who prefer an alternative to medication, or who wish to try something in addition to or instead of counselling ....more

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Testimonial - Anxiety

“After going to a bunch of different places, finally with Claire I learned some helpful things about myself and picked up some skills that have changed how I deal with feeling anxious and worrying that I’m going to have a panic attack. Now I know I can manage my emotions, they’re not managing me, and I don’t wake up wondering how bad my day might get.” C.W. Vancouver

Counselling Testimonials

"The professionalism I encountered enabled me to take the leap of faith – and accept that I truly needed my counsellor's help.  The structure and continuity enabled step-by-step progress. The building blocks are solid. The timeline – given the massive result – was short, just months in duration."  L.B. Surrey

"Claire I want to thank you so much.  I did not know what to expect when I began work with you, but now know how pivotal it was in moving beyond past events.   I can honestly say that I feel myself again and that life has regained it's spark. You truly are gifted in your work.  As you have helped many, thank you for playing this role in my life." C. C.

How to Reset the Anxious Brain

Looking for an Alternative to Counselling?

- Direct Neurofeedback - it's FAST ACTING! -

Benefits of Direct Neurofeedback

  • - Greater comfort in social situations.
  • - Boosts confidence.
  • - Sleep easy and long.
  • - Energy improves.
  • - Take more risks.
  • - The brain learns how to function more optimally and continues to improve itself.
  • - Results are amazing – you'll know in hours.
  • - Benefits are lasting.
  • - Anxiety, stress, panic, & depression quickly reduced.
  • - Calms the mind quickly.
  • - Reduces mental tension.
  • - Brain fog lifts – greater clarity.

Neurofeedback Testimonials

“I was at a cross roads with my anxiety and could see the impact it was having on everything in my life. I trusted Neurofeedback and the team at Alpine. My life is so different now, yet so what it should be. I no longer have brain fog, and I find myself truly stopping to just enjoy things. I used to have a constant inner dialogue that was pretty negative, and I have no idea where it went but its gone and good riddance!” JJ

“Doing the Direct Neurofeedback at the Alpine Clinic has been a game changer for me.  It’s given me drive and energy.  I am able to focus on the positive, and feel like I am in control.  Although negative thoughts may come up, they don’t take over and they don’t become obsessive. I am able to make decisions more clearly and I am accomplishing things.  Some weeks I’m so far ahead on my “to do” list, I don’t know what to do!” PS

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Anger and Sleep – a Testimonial.  Shutting off the racing thoughts before sleep and decreasing his anger and reactivity.

Panic to Peace – a Testimonial. Overcoming severe panic attacks that kept her from going out and living life fully.

Self-Help Articles

The Next Step is Yours - Take It!

A Personal Letter To YOU,

It takes courage to initiate a change in your life - especially one that has been weighing you down for a long time. It is almost as if that which you want to get rid of is a familiar friend. In reality it is your enemy, that undermines and restricts you everyday.

Isn't it time to finally throw the enemy out and live the rest of your life free?

The expertise we have at the Alpine Counselling Clinic is unsurpassed. The thousands of clients we have helped to make significant changes in their lives over the past 30 years, bears good testament to our professionalism and commitment.

If you are hesitant in any way about taking the next step, call the number below and ask for me personally - so we can talk.

Claire Maisonneuve, director Alpine Clinic.

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"Incredible Clinic... I've had migraines for 28 years after a car accident and from my Direct Neurofeedback Treatments, they are gone."

"I started my treatments in November 2020 and my last migraine was in December 2020 - I had migraines close to every day."

"Many other changes happened as well, one very surprising one - I've struggled with being late since childhood and now I'm on time for everything. That in itself has been life changing."

"I do encourage anyone thinking of doing this to complete the 20 treatments recommended to ensure the changes are permanent."

"I have of course recommended family and friends and many have had great results as well."

Thank you to the team at Alpine Clinic for all your help... It's truly been a life changing experience!"

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