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Mental Health = Brain Care

“Why Can’t I Get Over My Anxiety and Depression?”

Because it’s NOT All in Your Mind.

It’s in Your Nervous System too.

Direct Neurofeedback function is to CALM your nervous system

To successfully treat Anxiety, Depression & PTSD you MUST attend to your physiology as well as your psychology.

Day to Day Stress

How we experience the events and people in our day-to-day life is based on how well our Nervous System can respond.

When we are either stuck in the fight or flight state and feel “ON” and hyper-vigilant, or stuck in the freeze state, where we feel shutdown and overwhelmed then we can’t properly process the stimuli around us.

“How Neurofeedback Works”   1:47

Direct Neurofeedback is a brain technology that Calms Your Brain and Resets Your Nervous System.

It does this by sending imperceptible micro-signals, that helps your brain get out of stuck and frozen patterns of thinking and reacting.

Results come very quickly.

The effect is like rebooting a frozen computer.

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“20 Sessions of Direct Neurofeedback brought back youthful energy, a more relaxed body, cleared tons of stuck emotions, vivified my senses (especially smell).”

“And opened up never before felt sensations in my gut, like that area had been numbed out my whole life, which resulted in a whole bunch of new emotional growth.”

“All the results are still with me months later and feels permanent.”

“The staff are all proficient and nice and the process of making appointments is convenient and smooth. This is a great office and great healing process.”

What Is Direct Neurofeedback – 7:33 mins.

Tamara Bell – TV Host going through 20 Neurofeedback Sessions – 3:50 mins.

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“I went to Alpine specifically to try the Neurofeedback. I admit, I was skeptical and thought likely just a money grab.”

“Let me tell you how wrong I was!!”

“I think it was after my 2nd or 3rd treatment, I had energy and purged my whole closet!!!”

“Emotionally when I started Neurofeedback, I was a mess. I had been in the same coping skills and behaviors for years.”

“Now I set boundaries and friends have commented that I have more confidence, have a backbone and carry myself different…In a good way.”

“You are worth the investment to get yourself well!! The staff at Alpine are amazing……….”


“I heard of Neurofeedback from a couple of sources over the last year but then someone really close to me went to try it. After seeing such positive results for them I decided to try it myself.”

“The staff is amazing. Positive, helpful, supportive, friendly. And the Neurofeedback is totally worth it. It’s hard to spend money on your own wellness sometimes but this makes everything better.”

“After the first session I felt better for almost 24 hours. Then I felt the familiar surge of anxiety come back and slid back into that dark place I’ve been for many years.”

“After each treatment the negative feelings went away, and are now staying away.”

“I sleep better, I ‘m not feeling depressed, the constant anxiety has gone, my thoughts don’t spiral.”

“I’m only 7 sessions in but there is no way I’ll turn back now.”

“The only other thing that has helped me like this was 2 weeks in the Peruvian jungle on an Ayahuasca retreat. I’d try this first though :)”

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Claire Maisonneuve, director

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TESTIMONIAL: Family Physician, Dr. David Dyment MD, CCFP says,

“As a family physician in Burnaby B.C., I have been referring patients to Claire Maisonneuve for the past 27 years. The feedback I have received has been remarkable. She gets results and I would strongly recommend Ms Maisonneuve for anyone seeking couples or individual therapy.”

Over 30 years of helping clients make break-throughs in their lives. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Direct Neurofeedback

Your mental states are reflected in your brain’s electrical activity: what is known as your brain wave patterns.

Neuroscience has shown us that by changing our brain we can change our mind.

Anxiety, depression, dysfunctional thinking and trauma are associated with stuck patterns of either overactive, underactive or disturbed brain wave activity.

During a Direct Neurofeedback session, tiny sensors are applied to your scalp, behind your ears, and on the back of your neck. The sensors allow us to read the very delicate electrical activity of your brain, in the same way that an EKG reads your heart.

Very weak, imperceptible, electromagnetic signals, specific for you, are sent to your brain. These signals (that are 1000 times weaker than simply holding a AA battery against your forehead) cause a slight fluctuation in your brainwaves that disrupts frozen, stuck patterns of the brain, and allows your brain to re-organize itself and re-establish healthy neural pathways.

This brief signal to the brain, that cannot be felt, does all the work. Although signals are very weak they produce changes in brainwave activity by allowing the brain to relax and reorganize itself towards greater self-regulation with initial results as early as the first session.

With immediate results, fewer and shorter sessions, as well as ease and simplicity, Direct Neurofeedback is an easy choice with tremendous benefits!

The brain is like your body, it can be trained to be stronger, more efficient and have greater stamina. All of which makes you more resilient.

Direct Neurofeedback helps your brain in four major ways.

Research indicates that anxiety, trauma, depression and concussions are frequently associated with stuck patterns of overactive, underactive or disturbed brain wave activity, usually in the part of the brain associated with the ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response.

Direct Neurofeedback stimulates the brain to promote healing, and enhance overall performance in 4 ways.

  1. First through gently unblocking neuropathways that are ‘stuck’ or ‘frozen’ as a result of overwhelming traumas or fears.
  2. By reducing the activity in the ‘sympathetic’ part of the nervous system, associated with the ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response.
  3. By enhancing the response of the ‘parasympathetic’ system, responsible for the calming effect resulting in relaxation, which can then allow the mind/body to heal itself.
  4. And finally it increases overall normal brain functioning.

Although the conditions treated with HPN may have very different causes, they all have the same common denominator: they are stuck in dysfunctional patterns. Direct Neurofeedback disrupts these patterns, regardless of their origin, and allows the brain to return to it’s previous optimal functioning and/or create new healthy pathways. This is supported by the recent findings in neuroscience on “neuroplasticity”.

Unlike traditional forms of Neurofeedback that would treat one specific area of the brain, Direct Neurofeedback aims to restore the overall functioning of the brain.

People with anxiety, depression or trauma tend to have either an over-active or under-active nervous system, which is often experienced as hyper vigilance (being on guard at all times), intrusive thoughts or memories, insomnia, abrupt mood swings, hyperactivity, difficulty concentrating, lack of energy and more.

This means that the ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response is overactive, creating hyper or hypo arousal of the nervous system. Some people talk about feeling always “ON”.

Direct Neurofeedback works directly on reducing the ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response, to allow the brain and body to relax and the nervous system to reset itself.

This improves resilience, increases calmness and restores the ability to better handle stress.

At the end of each session, you are likely to feel more relaxed, ‘lighter’, and yet energized.

After completing a full course of treatment these benefits become lasting and sessions are no longer needed.

AlthoughDirect Neurofeedback has been found to be effective in a wide application of symptoms we specialize in usingDirect Neurofeedback for:

  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Mood swings that seem hard to control
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Low mental and emotional energy
  • Problems with procrastination
  • Insomnia and poor sleep
  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD and ADHD)
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) – Concussions
  • Tics
  • Mental fogginess and lack of clarity
  • Chronic pain
  • Fybromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue

Recent scientific advances in brain neuroplasticity has helped us understand more specifically the impact of trauma on the brain and also what kind of therapies and interventions work best to treat trauma.

Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk, in his recent book “The body keeps the score” outlines the importance of body centered therapies and the effectiveness of neurofeedback.

You can hear Dr. Van DerKolk speak about the impact of trauma on the brain here:

YES! Children and teenagers respond more favorably and quickly to the treatment of Direct Neurofeedback.   Helping younger ones to restore proper functioning of their brain while the brain is still developing is most important.

While everyone is different, it generally takes about 18- 20 sessions for effect of Direct Neurofeedback to become lasting. Clients frequently notice changes within the first session, often before getting out of the chair.  Sometimes this improvement is dramatic.  At first, improvement is temporary, lasting from a few hours to a few days. By the completion of the appropriate set of training sessions, improvement is expected not only to last, but to continue increasing slightly on its own over time.

Most people notice an initial change within 3 to 4 sessions, occasionally a little longer. The average number of sessions for most problems is 18 to 20. Once treatment has been completed, additional sessions are usually not necessary. Occasionally clients may like to get a “booster”.

Direct Neurofeedback sessions are usually no more than 30 minutes, in which a review of your symptoms is recorded to assess your progress and adjust the treatment protocol accordingly

It is recommended that people come twice a week for the first 10 to 12 sessions. Three times a week is also acceptable. After the initial 10 to 12 sessions it is usually suggested that we continue the treatment once a week.

Unlike traditional neurofeedback in which you actively regulate your brainwaves, Direct Neurofeedback does not require you to do anything. It is effortless. While the client sits in a chair, sensors are applied to the scalp by the clinician. The clinician determines what protocol would be best suited to the client. The computer then tracks the activity of your brain and based on the choice of the protocol, the computer program regulates what signals to feed back to your brain.

The sessions are completely painless and require no conscious effort on the part of the client. You may notice yourself become quite relaxed or even sleepy, and at the same time energized.

Family and friends often begin to notice shifts in your moods and/or behavior within the first 6 sessions.

There is not a single known reported case of someone being worse off for having usedDirect Neurofeedback or any type of neurofeedback, and no lawsuit for adverse effects of neurofeedback.

Direct Neurofeedback is 100% non-invasive, drug free and is extremely safe. Neurofeedback has been used by practitioners for over 30 years.

There are also no published reports demonstrating permanent negative effects from Neurofeedback.

The Direct Neurofeedback system is implemented using FDA approved and registered EEG processor/amplifier (510 k) hardware. It utilizesDirect Neurofeedback protocols (software, hardware & procedural sequences).

People will often notice effects shortly after a session or a few hours later.

Most of the time people will feel: calmer, more clarity, more energy, a sense of well being and possible decrease in pain.

Temporary side effects are not uncommon and include: feeling tired, wired (as in giddy or anxious), lightheaded, a slight headache, or at times nausea. These are always temporary and are actually a positive sign the your brain is responding to treatment.

These side effects are usually mild and typically last from minutes to hours and are always temporary. There is no need to be alarmed.

You may notice a temporary change in sleep and more vivid dreams.

You may have a temporary flare-up of those symptoms that were bothering you initially.

All these experiences are always temporary, and are a good sign that healing is occurring at a deep level.

Medication does not diminish the effectiveness of Direct Neurofeedback treatment. There is no need to stop or reduce your medication. We advise that you avoid making changes in your medications before beginningDirect Neurofeedback treatment. And only make changes with the help of your medical doctor.Direct Neurofeedback is not a substitute for medication, however it may reduce your symptoms to the point where you don’t feel the need for them.

Often the choice is not an either or.  Many of the people who come to try Direct Neurofeedback have not found enough improvement in traditional talk therapy and have felt stuck. This is likely because the brain is frozen in rigid patterns.Direct Neurofeedback  offers an effective strategy to help the brain get out of frozen, repetitive and inflexible patterns.

However, most clients usually find thatDirect Neurofeedback  is a good adjunct to their counselling, especially if they are doing some form of ‘body centered therapy’, as many of the therapists practice at out clinic. ‘Body centered therapy’ incorporates awareness of the body and mindfulness skills in the treatment.   The insights that arise out of therapy are better integrated and the tools and techniques offered are more easily implemented. Depending on affordability some people may choose to doDirect Neurofeedback  and therapy concurrently, while others may do theDirect Neurofeedback  for a while and then start or resume their counselling.

The 8 week workshop, provides a psycho-educational program that teaches you practical tools and skills to help your manage the distressing feelings and thoughts associated with anxiety and depression. This class contains information that cannot always be taught during a therapy session, since counseling is more focused on you and your story.

This workshop is again a great complement to therapy and often in itself with Direct Neurofeedback provides enough guidance and help to promote healing.  It’s certainly a great place to start your healing.

We find that a combination of good educational support, effective therapy along with Direct Neurofeedback provides an integrated, mind/mind/soul approach to life’s difficulties.

Neurofeedback has been used and studied since the late 60’s.   Direct Neurofeedback is a recent development in neurofeedback that provides more immediate results, in fewer and shorter sessions with a greater ease of treatment.

In traditional neurofeedback, the sensors placed on the scalp transmit brainwave activity to the computer, which the client and clinician can observe. Then the client works at trying to change his brainwaves by performing certain tasks, the results of which can be monitored in real time. This feedback provides the information to guide the client’s efforts at using his/her mind to train his/her brain.   There are no electromagnetic signals sent to the brain in traditional neurofeedback. This approach usually takes about 30 sessions or more and sessions last 45 min. to an hour. In Direct Neurofeedback, there is no effort on the part of the client. Rather than training your brain, the computer generated short pulses act directly on the brain as a way of restoring it’s functionality.Direct Neurofeedback sessions last half an hour or less.

For a comprehensive list of studies on Neurofeedback click here:

What Does Direct Neurofeedback Do?

  • Calms Racing Thoughts.

  • Shifts Depression.

  • Eliminates Panic Attacks.

  • Overcomes Anxiety.

  • Lifts Brain Fog.

  • Increases Social Comfort.

  • Boosts Self Confidence.

  • Improves Sleep.

  • Increases Energy.


Why is Direct Neurofeedback so Effective?

How can Results be Achieved So Quickly?

“Direct Neurofeedback’s effectiveness in treating things like Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, ADHD, Panic Attacks, Sleep Difficulties, Fear and other emotional conditions – lies in the fact that each one of these conditions is a REACTION to stress – not the stress itself.

“This repeated reaction over time causes certain brain patterns to become stuck, unique to each individual.”

“Direct Neurofeedback targets those stuck neural patterns and disrupts them using a painless micro-signal (300 times less than what a cellphone emits) allowing the brain to reset itself and create new pathways – effectively changing itself.” Claire Maisonneuve, director Alpine Clinic.

Client Review on Google

counselling GMB

“I found Alpine Counselling Clinic after spending a considerable time browsing other clinics (googling and calling) for Neurofeedback treatment.

My experience from the very beginning with Alpine was way beyond my expectations, whether with the way I was welcome, heard and supported, starting with the amazingly warm and helpful ladies at the reception (Julia, Alyssa….) to the highly supportive practitioners (Laura, Cara, Julia ..and director Claire…) or through the takeaways of the treatment itself.”

“Now after completing 25 sessions, I can confidently say that there is a shift I am experiencing internally… way less chronic pain..

Which means I finally feel the energy moving now in my body and especially in my legs where I used to have static chronic pain for years…

More opening in my chest and natural inclination to straighten up my back after years of slouching, out of stress and tension in my shoulders and upper back..).”

“I know that you can find a few other clinics that provide Direct Neurofeedback sessions as well, but for me what matters the most is not only what the clinic provides, but also HOW they provide their services.


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Testimonial – Direct Neurofeedback

“I’ve been shy, quiet and self conscious about speaking up in groups as far back as I can remember. I always felt like I didn’t have anything to offer or important to say and would blush, and get sweaty in conversations.  Now I feel like I have ‘a life’.   I can go to parties and have a ball. I find myself really laughing out loud – which surprises me! Now I feel excitement rather than dread when I face the day.”  H.D. North Vancouver

Want to Find Out How Neurofeedback Works?

These books are available on

This book describes in easy to read detail the way Direct Neurofeedback works, and how it can help to restore optimal functioning of the brain after emotional or physical trauma.

Dr Bessel Van der Kolk is one of the world’s foremost experts on traumatic stress. He describes in detail in this book the use of Neurofeedback in helping with anxiety, depression and trauma.

Dr. Norman Doidge endorses the use of Direct Neurofeedback in his book “The Brain’s Way of Healing” in which he describes the process of neuroplastic healing and how it can work by applying non-invasive therapies like neurofeedback.

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Neurofeedback Testimonials

“My husband was locked in a pattern of anger and frustration that took a hold of his personality after his head injury. Through the Alpine Clinic and Direct Neurofeedback he has regained his personality back and his relationships have significantly improved with me and his teen daughters. He has improved focus and mental abilities. He is no longer stuck in frustration.” SP

“Doing Direct Neurofeedback has helped me change in profound ways. It’s been a life changing experience. It’s like night and day. I have become a lot more spontaneous, clearer in my feelings, and decisions. I find I am more honest and open with people. I can’t hide my feelings anymore and it feels great. I am much more communicative with people and so much more aware of myself in that process. All of which has allowed me to feel more connected to others.” HW

“I was at a cross roads with my anxiety and could see the impact it was having on everything in my life. I trusted Neurofeedback and the team at Alpine. My life is so different now, yet so what it should be. I no longer have brain fog, and I find myself truly stopping to just enjoy things. I used to have a constant inner dialogue that was pretty negative, and I have no idea where it went but its gone and good riddance!” JJ

“Direct Neurofeedback at the Alpine Clinic has been a game changer for me. It’s given me drive and energy. I am able to focus on the positive, and feel like I am in control. Although negative thoughts may come up, they don’t take over and they don’t become obsessive. I am able to make decisions more clearly and I am accomplishing things. Some weeks I’m so far ahead on my “to do” list, I don’t know what to do!” PS

The American Academy of Pediatrics supports Neurofeedback as a “Level 1 Best Support” intervention for the treatment of ADD/ADHD in children.

Neurofeedback for Personal Crisis and Anxiety – Client Testimonial

Direct Neurofeedback helped Adriana overcome old negative patterns of reactivity and resolve her lifelong anxiety.  All of this helped her come through a personal life crisis.

Neurofeedback for Addiction and Anxiety – Client Testimonial

Direct Neurofeedback effectively shifted and reduced the UNDERLYING anxiety that resulted in this client becoming an addict.

Dr. David Dubin MD on  Direct Neurofeedback.

  • Direct Neurofeedback is very effective at treating – Anxiety, Stress, Panic Attacks and Depression.

  • The brain learns how to function more optimally and continues to improve itself.

  • Results are amazing and achieved from the first session – you’ll know within hours.

  • It’s a spa for the mind. You’ll be more comfortable in social situations and take more risks.

“If you forgot what normal feels like or never knew it , trust me the effects of Direct Neurofeedback will normalize you.” H.J. Vancouver

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Claire Maisonneuve, director Alpine Clinic.

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"Incredible Clinic... I've had migraines for 28 years after a car accident and from my Direct Neurofeedback Treatments, they are gone."

"I started my treatments in November 2020 and my last migraine was in December 2020 - I had migraines close to every day."

"Many other changes happened as well, one very surprising one - I've struggled with being late since childhood and now I'm on time for everything. That in itself has been life changing."

"I do encourage anyone thinking of doing this to complete the 20 treatments recommended to ensure the changes are permanent."

"I have of course recommended family and friends and many have had great results as well."

Thank you to the team at Alpine Clinic for all your help... It's truly been a life changing experience!"


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