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Mental Health is mental well-being;

Your ability to overcome problems and flex as change happens.

Your comfort with social connections, and your ability to find purpose in your life.

Counselling In Office or Online.

Optimize Your Mental Health – Two Ways

With Direct Neurofeedback and/or Counselling

With the right support and tools, anyone can live well and find meaning in their life, and work towards their goals.

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Mental Health and You

‘Mental Health’ and ‘mental illness’ are often thought to mean the same thing, but they are not.

Everyone has mental health, just like everyone has health. As the World Health Organization famously says, “There is no health without mental health.”

Over the course of a lifetime, not all people will experience a mental illness, but everyone will struggle or have a challenge with their mental well-being (i.e., their mental health) just like we all have challenges with our physical well-being from time to time.

Mental Health isn’t like an on/off switch. There are different degrees of health. People move on a continuum ranging from great or good health to so-so health to poor health to illness or disability.

Many people fall somewhere in the middle—they’re generally in good health, though the occasional problem may come up. Mental Health is the same way.

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Claire Maisonneuve, director

Looking for someone you can Trust?

TESTIMONIAL – Dr. David Dyment MD, CCFP says,

“As a family physician in Burnaby B.C., I have been referring patients to Claire Maisonneuve for the past 27 years. The feedback I have received has been remarkable. She gets results and I would strongly recommend Ms Maisonneuve for anyone seeking couples or individual therapy.”

TESTIMONIAL – Dr. Karen Nordhal MD, says,

“I have sent my patients to the Alpine Counselling Clinic for over 20 years. Their approach to counselling has helped my patients with anxiety, depression as well as trauma related to ICBC accidents. I would highly recommend their services to my colleagues and patients.”

Our Team of specialists have helped clients make break-throughs in their lives for over 30 years.

Take the Next Step

Vancouver’s Premier Counselling and Neurofeedback Clinic

Individual counselling is a process through which you would work one-on-one with a trained therapist—in a safe, caring, and confidential environment—to explore your feelings, beliefs, or behaviour.  The process can help you work through challenging circumstances, identify aspects of your life that you would like to change, resolve difficult relationships with others, set personal goals, or work towards a desired change.  …. more

Direct Neurofeedback is a brain technology that allows your brain and body to relax. It does this by sending imperceptible micro-signals, specific to your condition, that helps your brain get out of frozen and stuck patterns.

Results are IMMEDIATE. It’s drug free – painless – non-invasive – completely safe. It’s a spa for the mind.

The effect is like rebooting a frozen computer.….more

Tamara Bell – TV host on Direct Neurofeedback

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What Are You Looking For?

Mental Health Specialists in Vancouver since 1991.

Manage Anxiety & Stress

These people are wizards. Like Gandalf the White wizardry.

First day, first visit, with the calm and pleasant feeling of release, I was able to relax, I mean really relax for the first time in over a year.

I haven’t ruled out the premise they might be time travellers from a distant utopian future. Also, their offices are so rich you may as well be visiting Solomon’s temple when you enter.

They are top ranking people of earth, beautiful with bright smiles and aside from the professionalism extremely friendly.

My experience with the Alpine Clinic the past 3 months has been nothing short of amazing so far.

After having the recommended 20 sessions things that I was finding challenging to do, such as waking up in the morning and falling asleep at a reasonable time, have become moderately easier.

Throughout my day, I have noticed that I have been able to find more joy in my life as well.

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“For me it was one of the best decisions of my life. I was not diagnosed with any disorder but I am always searching for ways to improve my mental well being, we all suffer from some sort of anxiety, stress, etc. I was short tempered…

“What I have achieved in terms of inner state of peace and calmness with 20 sessions of Direct Neurofeedback equals to few years of constant deep meditation practices when I compare, and the great news is that the change is permanent!”

“I was so skeptical at first, it took me a year to decide to take the sessions. This technology works!”…

Let Us Help You Change Your…..


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Direct Neurofeedback


stress counselling


panic attacks

Mental Health

Mental health means feeling good about who you are, having balance in your life and in your thinking, and responding constructively to life’s highs and lows.

Talking to a professional about what’s bothering you can really help.

Counsellors can help you by teaching you how to work through your issues and identify your “thinking traps.”

Thinking traps are unhelpful ways of thinking that make it difficult to problem-solve or handle different situations.

Counselling Testimonials

“My decision to choose Alpine was probably the most important decision that I have ever made in my life and I will always consider Skyelar Napier one of the most influential people in my life. I am so blessed to have this relationship and am so grateful for all that the clinic and the professionals who work there have, and continue to do, to help me make the best of each day.” G. W.

“I felt trapped by my past, was continually bombarded with negative thinking, and was steadily gaining weight. Through the counseling I received from Claire …I was able to accept my past, calm the negative thoughts, and begin to lose weight. Claire offered me practical skills to deal with adverse situations and enabled me to re-take control of my life…. I now feel free from my past and look to the future with confidence.” P.M.

“The professionalism I encountered enabled me to take the leap of faith – and accept that I truly needed my counsellor’s help.  The structure and continuity enabled step-by-step progress. The building blocks are solid. The timeline – given the massive result – was short, just months in duration.”  L.B.

“Claire I want to thank you so much.  I did not know what to expect when I began work with you, but now know how pivotal it was in moving beyond past events.   I can honestly say that I feel myself again and that life has regained it’s spark. You truly are gifted in your work.  As you have helped many, thank you for playing this role in my life.” C. C.

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Looking for an Alternative to Counselling?

Direct Neurofeedback – a spa for the mind.

Learn More

What is Direct Neurofeedback?

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How is Direct Neurofeedback Different?

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  • – Anxiety, stress, panic, & depression reduced.
  • – Calms the mind quickly.
  • – Reduces mental tension.
  • – Brain fog lifts – greater clarity.
  • – Greater comfort in social situations.
  • – Boosts confidence.
  • – Sleep easy and long.
  • – Energy improves.
  • – Take more risks.
  • – The brain learns how to function more optimally and continues to improve itself.
  • – Results are amazing – you’ll know in hours.
  • – Benefits are lasting.

“If you forgot what normal feels like or never knew it, trust me the effects of Direct Neurofeedback will normalize you.” H.J. Vancouver

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Testimonial – Direct Neurofeedback

“After many years in business, I had suddenly developed some performance anxiety at work.  I began feeling a great sense of nervousness over routine presentations and meetings.  The problem became so challenging I started considering retirement, but didn’t want to.  I am a skeptic at heart. When someone told me they would be sticking wires on my head and I’ll be better, I thought to myself “Ya, right!”.  However, after about 10 sessions of Direct Neurofeedback, I went out and bought two new suits!  I started feeling like I was “back in the game”.  I have an improved sense of confidence again.”  S.W.

Neurofeedback Testimonials

“Doing the Direct Neurofeedback at the Alpine Clinic has been a game changer for me.  It’s given me drive and energy.  I am able to focus on the positive, and feel like I am in control.  Although negative thoughts may come up, they don’t take over and they don’t become obsessive. I am able to make decisions more clearly and I am accomplishing things.  Some weeks I’m so far ahead on my “to do” list, I don’t know what to do!” PS

“Doing Direct Neurofeedback has helped me change in profound ways.  It’s been a life changing experience.  It’s like night and day. I have become a lot more spontaneous, clearer in my feelings, and decisions.  I find I am more honest and open with people.  I can’t hide my feelings anymore and it feels great. I am much more communicative with people and so much more aware of myself in that process.  All of which has allowed me to feel more connected to others.” HW

“My husband was locked in a pattern of anger and frustration that took a hold of his personality after his head injury. Through the Alpine Clinic and Direct Neurofeedback he has regained his personality back and his relationships have significantly improved with me and his teen daughters. He has improved focus and mental abilities. He is no longer stuck in frustration.” SP

“I was at a crossroad with my anxiety and could see the impact it was having on everything in my life. I trusted Neurofeedback and the team at Alpine. My life is so different now, yet so what it should be. I no longer have brain fog, and I find myself truly stopping to just enjoy things. I used to have a constant inner dialogue that was pretty negative, and I have no idea where it went but its gone and good riddance!” JJ

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Client Describing his Addiction and Overcoming the Underlying Anxiety.

From Addiction to Peace of Mind – a Testimonial.

Overcoming the underlying anxiety, with Direct Neurofeedback, that caused him to drink.

A Client’s Experience – getting her life back after some great difficulties.

Got my life back! – a Testimonial. 

Describes how Direct Neurofeedback helped her get back on track after a major life crisis.

More Video Testimonials

The Next Step is Yours – Take It!

A Personal Letter To YOU,

It takes courage to initiate a change in your life – especially one that has been weighing you down for a long time. It is almost as if that which you want to get rid of is a familiar friend. In reality it is your enemy that undermines and restricts you everyday.

Isn’t it time to finally throw the enemy out and live the rest of your life free?

The expertise we have at the Alpine Counselling Clinic is unsurpassed. The thousands of clients we have helped to make significant changes in their lives over the past 30 years, bears good testament to our professionalism and commitment.

If you are hesitant in any way about taking the next step, call the number below and ask for me personally – so we can talk. I guarantee your satisfaction.

Claire Maisonneuve, director Alpine Clinic

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