Claire Maisonneuve MA., RCC

My own journey

For over 30 years I have explored, experimented and implemented different approaches and strategies in my search for overcoming anxiety and finding inner peace. This has led me to a deep understanding of the workings of the mind, the heart and the soul.

My work with clients, combines my own personal discoveries from this journey. This includes: my own therapy, professional development trainings, my spiritual practices and the lessons my clients have taught me over the last 30 years in practice.

I have a passion for helping individuals heal difficult emotions and find their way to create a life they love and become the person they admire.

My unique expertise as a therapist working with individuals and couples:

PERCEPTIVE: I have the ability to quickly and effectively get to the underlying root of your issue. Rather than discussing different content each week, I can strategically uncover the process underlying the content. This laser focus helps to fast-track your therapy process.

PROVEN RESULTS: Nothing can take the place of 30 years of hands on practical experience in working full time. I have a proven track record of helping thousands of individuals and couples.

INNOVATIVE: I developed the 8 week Anxiety & Stress Relief Program, now in it’s 15th year, in which I summarize and condense the most relevant, up to date and effective strategies to help you overcome anxiety and resolve conflict.

HOLISTIC & STRATEGIC: My approach to therapy is holistic in that I address your issues from all aspects of your being, including your mind, body, emotions and spirit. I draw on years of work with advanced techniques of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, THE WORK OF BYRON KATIE, EXTENSIVE training in body centered therapies and on Psycho-spiritual principles. My methods are scientifically validated and evidenced based.

CUSTOMIZED TREATMENT: I don’t have a blanket approach to your problem. Based on our initial session, I will tailor make a treatment plan that fits your specific needs, because everyone is unique in their life journey. I draw on a multitude of different approaches and will customize a treatment plan based on your goals.

FORTHRIGHT: I have the ability to compassionately and lovingly point out behaviours that are unproductive and/or harmful without shaming or making you feel bad. I believe in cultivating kindness, respect and understanding.

PERSONAL SUCCESS: I’ve achieved “freedom 60”! At this stage of my life, I live in peace and without anxiety. I’ve walked the talk. I’ve experienced all different aspects of anxiety and I can confidently say that I understand it’s workings and what it takes to overcome it. I’ve also been happily married for OVER 25 years and have practiced all the skills I teach my couples.

CLEAR COMMUNICATION: I can explain difficult concepts and draw out cycles of interactions in ways that are simple, clear, THAT HELP SAVE you time and SHIFT PATTERNS QUICKLY.

My approach with individuals:

My approach in one-on-one counselling is to use a combination of talk therapy and awareness of what is taking place in your body. This helps you understand more clearly and quickly the truth of the matter and helps you access your inner resources, strengths and wisdom. This wisdom is accessed when the mind is calmed down and the awareness is settled in the body. I help you reconnect with the wisdom you already have which allows you to make decisions from a place of confidence and clarity, rather than from what you think you should do or what someone else suggests you should do.

My methods with individuals include:

Relationship counselling

I have always believed and approached marriage as a journey of personal growth and transformation. It is a laboratory to help us see ourselves more clearly and offers us the chance to become the best that we can be. I understood that to succeed in marriage we must be willing to take a fearless and rigorous look at ourselves. This attitude has served me well in creating an amazingly satisfying and fulfilling relationship with my husband for OVER 25 years.

My work with couples

My approach with couples is to first diagnose what the strengths and weaknesses are in your relationship so we can identify more precisely the reasons for your difficulties and build on the strengths that you have. THEN I HELP YOU FIND YOUR WAY OUT OF STUCK PATTERNS OF CONFLICT.

Change with my couples happens within our very first session.

I work at uncovering the dance of your interaction very quickly and help create a plan for where you want to get to. More importantly, I’ll help you create a sense of confidence and optimism for your future. You will often experience fundamental shifts in your way of relating to each other within the VERY FIRST SESSION.

My methods with couples include: