Laura Cumminger, Certified Coach

Meet Laura, your dedicated Director of Neurofeedback services. A passionate believer in the life-changing power of Neurofeedback, Laura herself has experienced the transformative effects of this therapy. Her enthusiasm and expertise bring a level of care that is truly unparalleled, ensuring that each client receives personalized support and guidance every step of the way.

Laura’s warm and nurturing nature, paired with her trusted sidekick, Abigail, creates a comforting and inviting atmosphere for all visitors. Rest assured, Laura will be by your side throughout your Neurofeedback journey, offering unwavering support and encouragement.

In her role as Director of Neurofeedback, Laura is committed to being accessible to you for any questions, concerns, or hands-on sessions you may need. You can trust in Laura to guide you through your Neurofeedback experience with compassion, expertise, and a genuine desire to see you thrive.

And for Abigail :

We are proud to introduce Abigail, our dedicated therapy dog who not only participates in Neurofeedback sessions but also creates a calming and welcoming atmosphere for our clients. Led by Laura, our Director, Abigail’s gentle presence works wonders with children, helping them feel at ease and comfortable during their sessions.

Abigail’s caring nature goes beyond words; she is always ready to offer a comforting hug to anyone in need. We are immensely grateful for Abigail’s unwavering dedication to providing support and comfort to our clients.

Experience the unique bond between humans and our compassionate therapy dog, Abigail. Take the first step towards healing and well-being in a nurturing environment that truly cares, with Abigail’s extra touch.