Feel Stuck? 

Maybe even going backwards?

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Free lecture - neurofeedback
Are you panicked? 
Your brain wont shut off?
Hijacked by fear?
Find it difficult to relax?
Can’t focus – Got Brain Fog?

“Fix Your Brain – Fix Your Life”

Free Lecture
Wednesday, April 17th, 2019
Starts 7:30 pm – 1 hour
Presented by: Claire Maisonneuve
Director, Alpine Counselling Clinic
Neurofeedback lecture
In this lecture Claire Maisonneuve will share with you:
  • Information about a New Brain Technology
  • How it stimulates the brain
  • How it disrupts stuck, frozen patterns to clear the mind
  • The impressive results achieved at the Alpine Clinic – case studies
She will also share with you why this is one of the least invasive, most rapid and reliable interventions available to help you.
Direct Neurofeeback lecture
Claire will help you understand why you:
  • Can’t stop worrying?
  • Procrastinate?
  • Don’t go after your dreams?
  • Fear making mistakes?
  • Can’t move on from unhealthy relationships?
  • Easily get bored or restless?
  • Can’t manage conflict?
  • Find it difficult to relax?
  • Keep reacting negatively despite good intentions?
And how to get unstuck!
Park Inn:  898 W. Broadway, Vancouver  (2 blocks east of Oak St.)
Wednesday April 17th, 2019
What time:
Registration check-in starts at 7:00pm.
Lecture starts 7:30 sharp – for one hour + 15 min. Q&A.
About the presenter: Claire Maisonneuve
For the last 30 years I have counselled couples and individuals, on a wealth of different issues.  I understand why people can’t move forward in spite of a deep desire to do so.  In this evening I would like to help you understand why you get stuck and share with you one of the latest innovative treatment I am using to help people move forward in their personal growth and evolution.
Claire is the director to the Alpine Counselling Clinic.
Pay parking for participants will be available in the hotel’s designated parking stalls underground and at the back of the hotel.