Help with Parenting

Being a parent isn’t easy – it never has been. With changing social norms, images in the media and new technology, the challenges parents face keep on growing.

And because you’re human, you also have to cope with your own daily stress and emotions. It’s a lot to handle!

Children can be difficult to understand, and they can exhaust the patience of the most tolerant adult. They can also make you angrier than you could ever imagine, and cause you to question your ability to be a good parent. Children also go through major life changes, and show behaviours that can make it feel tough to “like” them, even when you still love them.

Like adults, children are affected by anxiety, stress, pressures and self-esteem issues. It can be very challenging for children to balance a busy lifestyle of sports, school, friends, and personal growth. As a parent, it can also be very challenging to watch and support your children as they struggle.

Raising teenagers can be even more challenging, as they battle to exert their independence from their parents, often creating new conflict and behavioural issues. These conflicts can put an enormous strain on both the teen and your entire family.

Parenting may become even more difficult when a child exhibits behavioural problems related to mental or physical illness. It may be especially difficult to cope when a child requires extensive medical treatment or other care, and you have trouble giving your other children the time they need.

Common issues for parents to address with their children:

• Trouble caring for a new baby
• Difficulty integrating an adopted child
• Frequent tantrums and outbursts
• Poor eating habits
• Verbal abuse and poor language
• Sibling rivalries
• Chronic Lying
• Defiant behaviour
• Low self- esteem
• Addiction to technology and gadgets
• Lack of Communication
• Bullying and Cyber bullying

21st Century issues for parents to address:

In a changing world, new technologies and social norms are making your job as a parent even more difficult. Examples include:

• Electronics like cell phones, tablets, video games and social media that distract your kids, and expose them to new risks
• More complex families, including blended families, step-families and multi-parent families
• Children tend to be very “booked” with teams, lessons, activities and clubs, making it difficult to spend quality time as a family even though we’re more involved in their lives than ever before

We can help you be a better parent.

If you’re facing parenting difficulties, it’s important to recognize that you’re not a “bad” parent. You are doing the best you can with the knowledge and experience you have at your disposal. The very fact you’re concerned shows just how much you love your child, and how much you want the best for them.

Parenting can be tough because parents have their own insecurities and personal challenges that may interfere with the important tasks of parenting. Without intending to, the need to look after yourself can interfere with your ability to parent the way you’d otherwise like to.

To be a good parent, it helps to have a good level of self-understanding. By taking time to understand yourself and your priorities, you can help your children to thrive.

That’s where we come in. By working together, we’ll focus on different areas of exploration, including, your own childhood, your expectations as a parent and your anxieties and fears about raising children.

Once we understand the challenges you’re facing, we’ll develop a unique plan that helps you strengthen your ability to be a good parent. This includes addressing:

For Expecting Parents:
• First time parent anxieties
• Fears or anxieties around being pregnant or motherhood (stress, disconnection).
• Relationships (with people close to you, life partner, friends and/or coworkers)
• Labour anxieties, expectations and fears
• Body image and self image

For Experienced Parents
• New ways to understand yourselves as parents
• Resolution of past issues with your parents
• Parenting strategies to help your children manage their troubles
• Reconnecting with your partner after having baby
• Mother’s guilt & anxieties
• Experiencing Post Pardum Depression

If you’re struggling with any aspect of being a parent, please contact our office to get support. We are not here to judge you. By working together, you’ll be amazed at just how successful you can be. Let’s get started.