With over 16 million Americans suffering from depression, many are looking for new ways to treat this age-old condition. Fortunately, those who have depression do not need to immediately turn to medication or therapy to find relief. Direct Neurofeedback offers an effective, side effect-free alternative.

It has been shown that when the left frontal area of your brain is active, you are likely to be in a better mood. When the right front area is more active, your mood is likely to be poorer. Direct Neurofeedback relies on this principle to change one’s actual pattern of thinking. By stimulating areas of the brain that are associated with positive thought, Direct Neurofeedback enhances a patient’s ability to subconsciously use that portion of their brain on a regular basis.

Direct Neurofeedback uses a very weak micro current to cause a small change in the patterns of an individuals brainwaves. When the brain is stimulated in this way, the resulting feedback loop acts as a kind of brain training. Subsequent visits to our clinic keep the brain trained on utilizing areas of the brain more associated with positive thought and action.

Direct Neurofeedback allows depressed individuals to take an active role in treating their condition without relying on medication or psychiatry. While we do not discount these methods of treating depression, we offer a new way for those who are looking for a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical, non-therapeutic way to manage their depression.

Our method is passive, imperceptible, and shows results within 1-2 sessions. With sessions only lasting 30 minutes, Direct Neurofeedback is one of the best non-traditional ways to treat depression. Our goal? To make it traditional.

Depression lifts.
Anxiety is dissolved.
ADHD is lightened.
Concussions are resolved.
– Dr. David Dubin: Director of the Dubin Clinic in Los Angeles