Release and Relax Workshop

  • A Practical and Effective Toolkit for Creating Inner Peace


    Do you want to:

    Calm your mind…..but you can’t stop the restless thoughts?

    Relax your body….but you feel so wound up and tight you can’t let go?

    Improve your sleep…..but you have become too dependent of sleep aids?

    Concentrate better….but you can’t keep your mind in the present moment?

    Learn powerful techniques that will help you relax and be at peace in your body and mind.

    These practices:

  •  Produce immediate results
  •  Are very easy to learn
  •  Can be done by most people
  •  Don’t require any fitness level
  •  Can be integrated in your daily routine
  •  Restores the body healing mechanism quickly
  •  Can act as an alternative to counselling
  •  Can reduce symptoms of PTSD, anxiety and depression

In this 4 hour workshop Claire Maisonneuve, director of the Alpine Counselling Clinic will teach you some of the most powerful and practical ways to calm your mind and body.

The workshop begins with a presentation to help you understand the mind/body connection as it relates to stress, anxiety, depression and trauma. This will help explain why it’s so difficult to calm your mind and body.

This is followed by a demonstration and practice of the techniques that you will be able to do on your own by the end of the course that will give you immediate muscle release.

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These strategies will:

  1. Calm your nervous system and help your body return to an optimal state of functioning.
  2. Release deep tension created in the body through chronic stress and/or traumatic experiences.
  3. Help you reduce and recover from symptoms of stress, anxiety and trauma.
  4. Unleash your own innate capacity to heal.
  5. Facilitate and help you integrate any other healing processes you are doing.
  6. Act as a complement to counselling and/or Direct Neurofeedback.
  7. Help you meditate and concentrate more deeply.

If you are ready to put aside 20 minutes a few times a week to practice these strategies, you will dramatically reduce your body tensions and calm your mind.

About the Presenter:  

Claire Maisonneuve is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and director of the Alpine counselling Clinic.  She has been practicing counselling and psychotherapy for the last 30 years and is a well known speaker in Vancouver.  See her full bio here…..

Workshop limited to 20 participants.

WHERE:  The Park Inn: 898 W. Broadway, Vancouver

WHEN:  Sunday December 2nd, 2018

TIME:  Starts at 1:00pm to 5:00 pm  –  4 hours.

COST:  $145.00 plus gst

WHAT TO BRING:  Bring either a yoga mat, a blanket or towel to lie on.

WHAT TO WEAR:  Please wear loose clothing that you can comfortably move in.

This workshop is not suitable for:

Pregnant woman – Infant/children – People with serious medical conditions or heart conditions

Irregular blood pressure – Any medical condition that requires strict regulation.